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Keeping in mind we can't "take back" the Senate in 2010 - it will take two cycles to do that - but we can sure take away their precious 60 vote majority. And the House? yeah, that one we can and must take back.
Well, Mr Dodd, how’s that cut in Aviation Security for installation of explosive detection systems worken for ya?

Mark Hemingway, Washington Examiner, has noted what would seem to be a bit of a problem for Chris Dodd (AHD-Conn) -

“Back in July, Senator Chris Dodd, D-Conn., proposed an amendment reducing aviation security appropriations by $4.5 million….In fact, the money was specifically "for screening operations and the amount for explosives detection systems."

(b) The total amount of appropriations under the heading "Aviation Security'' under the heading "Transportation Security Administration'' under title II, the amount for screening operations and the amount for explosives detection systems under the first proviso under that heading, and the amount for the purchase and installation of explosives detection systems under the second proviso under that heading are reduced by $4,500,000.

It is interesting to note, this was not the only place these Senators saw fit to cut.

(c) From the unobligated balances of amounts appropriated before the date of enactment of this Act for the appropriations account under the heading "state and local programs'' under the heading "Federal Emergency Management Agency'' for "Trucking Industry Security Grants'', $5,500,000 are rescinded

How long before we see the results of cutting Trucking Industry Security? Haven’t we been a bit concerned about the threat posed by terrorist use of trucks since 9/11? I know I have been…

It should be noted good ol’ sell out Joe Lieberman (FI- Conn) and Senator Carpenter (AHD-Del) were also sponsors of this bill – but if you read the column will will find that Dodd used this money cut from security to pay off his special supporters, "friends of Dodd". Politics of you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours and security for the American public be damned.

Hey, main stream media - where is the coverage? Hey House of Representatives - when are you scheduling hearings on this? Hmmm?????

source Washington Examiner
Irony thy name is Baucus...

Mr. Singed His Naughty Bits' father told the US embassy weeks ago that he was concerned about his son's religious beliefs, yet our bureaucrats didn't think Boomboom Britches needed closer scrutiny? What is that about? Can you hear him NOW?!

So, when the shoe bomber tried to use this same stuff in his Nikes we all had to start taking off our shoes before getting on a plane. Does this mean now we'll all have to take off our underwear in the security line?

Did you know this stuff can't be detected by a magnetometer? I would have thought explosives would be magnetic, right? Cheeze, go figure. Maybe now they will install those machines that puff at you to detect explosives - maybe? Oh wait, no, they will install the machines where TSA yayas can look at you naked instead - and of course not let us read or go potty for the last hour of a flight. Like the eegit couldn't have tried the same maneuver while still over the ocean. I mean, someone would only do this sort of thing in the last hour of a flight right? duh...

And then today the poor Nigerian with tummy trouble gets the full treatment when he will not let the flight attendant in with him as his guts are trying to turn him inside out. Would YOU open the lav door on a jet full of people if you were in the throws of intestinal distress? just sayin. Poor guy. Nothing like shutting the barn door after the cow is out. Of course I have a certain empathy for the man due to the extreme pain I experienced on our return flight last month, no way I could have remained seated that last hour of the flight, in fact the last 3 or 4 hours I debated whether or not I might be having a heart attack, I'm talking PAIN.

Ah well, the monkeys continue to be in charge and we just have to suck it up and deal.
I think everyone in the world has seen this - but hey, it's one of my favorites so watch again if you are so inclined. I myself am smiling :) and my feet are jumping.

I love this one too...

Merry merry Happy happy Joyous joyous Christmas to you!
We are nearly three weeks into Rose's 30 day confinement. She finally got her stitches out yesterday. The weather kept us from getting her to the vet last Friday as scheduled, in fact the icy conditions made us give up on taking her back to the surgeon and we just had the local vet come take them out while Rose stood in her stall. Vet was amazed at how calmly Rose stood for her. The incisions look amazing, no swelling, no redness - she's doing great now. Rose is handleing her lack of outside time very well - thank goodness - most horses would be going nuts by now. Horses are meant to wander about. The two biggest threats to her health right now are colic (can be fatal in horses, but we are doing everything we can to prevent it) and neuroma, which is a painful growth of scar tissue on the ends of the nerves that were cut. Again we are taking steps to avoid that problem.

Here are a few shots of miss Rose in her stall - one includes me cleaning house.

The front yard still looks nice. This morning we had freezing fog so all the trees and plants looked as though they had been sprayed with glitter and, being a whoping 21 degrees, all the snow was hard frozen and glittery as well. It was lovely.

Meanwhile, back in the house...

D1 has been baking, with a little help from the boy. This is an almond pound cake they baked and decorated with marzipan. Yummy! Now they are baking and decorating sugar cookies.

When she's not baking, D1 is working on her family gifts. She's making pot holders, totes, and little pouches that she will fill with chocolate and party poppers for the neices and nephews.

D2 is beading gifts like crazy - these are necklaces, earings, and key rings for cousins, aunts, and rumor is perhaps there is something for sisters and mother somewhere.

D3 has done nothing yet, as far as I am aware - though there has been talk of gingersnaps decorated with white icing.

We keep a box full of little wooden "ready to paint" ornaments from the craft store sitting on the table, the ones on top here are in process. When anyone has a little down time, they sit - color - paint - glitter - and otherwise embellish...

Until we end up with things like this -

and this -

I always stock up on these after Christmas, when they are marked waaaay down, so that nothing we use costs more than a dollar, most are fifty cents or less.

Another standard is buying several boxes of plain glass balls after Christmas every year. Whatever is left by the time they are being marked down 75% (I'm a tight wad)

Then we glitter them up and give them as gifts.

D1 did these...

and I did these...

Of course all the while there are corgis underfoot

So we torture them by making them hold cookies on their heads while we take photos :)

All this Christmas fun and frolic is coming to a close far too quickly. But we'll continue to wallow in it as long as we can :)
Most snow we've had in 14 years - since the Blizzard of '93. Mind you this is not even close to as bad as that. That blizzard was followed by temps in the low teens, had five foot drifts, and many were without power for more than a week. This one had some power outages, but not too bad, and people are already out and about. The important news is, of course, that my chicklets are all home now.

In less than an hour himself will load the Jeep with harp, cello, fiddle, and concertina and D3 will be transported downtown for her sold out (two show) day of performance. The downside is, due to weather, there have been no rehearsals with the dancers and one of the headliners is still trying to drive down from Baltimore - but the show must go on right? Baring trouble with black ice, she should make it thanks to her Jeep chariot and chauffeur.

Some photos for your enjoyment.

Front yard under eight inches of cold white stuff.

The boy diligently working on his gifts for the family. He's a busy elf.

The bounty...

Princess Fiona on her thone - she is loving the fun.

D2 playing with the dogs, she is having as much fun as they. Chapel Hill got almost nothing in the way of snow before she left to come home. D3 can't be bothered with playing in the snow at home as she goes to Appalachian State which is in Boone (way north west NC, high in the mountains) so snow is no biggy for her anymore.

This is the grand dog - Isabelle, Izzy - she is a very timid girl, but she has discovered that she loves snow too. Especially that not quite frozen all the way through pool. She keeps jumping in and digging at it.

Merry Christmas some more :)
Snow sucks.

Wish I could enjoy this freaking blizzard. This is by far the most snow we've had in 14 years and if it were Monday I'd be loving it. But my two eldest were supposed to come home tonight and it just ain't happening. Maybe tomorrow, but honestly tomorrow isn't looking so good either.

Right now every road (no kidding) and every Interstate (26 &40) is a parking lot.

Then you don't have one.
This is just amazing and wonderful all balled up in one fantastic dog.
Not really, where would I put one? But it is one of my favorite Christmas songs :)

Here we are, the final stage of our Christmas tour. We finish with the "formal" room of our home. This room is simply impossible to get in a picture - the dimensions of the room and locations of doorways just do not lend themselves to a good shot.
The doilies on the backs of the chairs and couch were crocheted by my husband's grandmother.

Our giant living room tree is difficult to photograph well, can't get far enough back to take in the whole tree and from almost any spot the ceiling fan gets in the way. But here is my best attempt.

This tree is a little less packed than the family room tree and the feeling is a bit more formal - but not to the point of looking like some designer tree or anything. On this tree we use much of my rocking horse collection, blown glass figures, some glass balls that I have decorated with glitter, small dolls we brought back from Thailand, and small dolls we brought back from Russia. We have a friend who crochets us one or two snowflakes per year, one can be seen here. I have scattered a bunch of red birds hand decorated with glitter (by yours truly) and hundreds of paper stars folded by every member of my family. Finally we have several hundred "beadsicles" as we call them, made by the kids and me.

This little table sits behind the couch. My sister gave me the set of Santa and Mrs Claus paper dolls some time ago and I arranged them in the frames - they were just too great not to display. Just to the left you can glimpse one of my hand made nativities and to the right much of my camel collection.

Antique sewing machine was a gift from the hub, years ago now.

The bulk of my Santa collection sits atop the piano. The trophies on top and medals hanging to the right are a sampling of D3s music competition wins - the medals to the left are from the boy's bible drill competitions.

This nativity is made of olive wood and was built in Bethlehem.

The majority of my hand made Santas look like this guy (I was only able to get D3 to make heads for me one year). This one is dressed in a sleeper worn by my girls when they were babies.

This Santa I dressed by adapting a Christmas dress that I made D3 when she was two (D2 had one the same year, she was 4 and you'd just melt if you saw them dressed in these dresses - little angels:)

Here Santa is dressed in pants made from one of D2's outfits from when she was small, his vest from one of her dresses, and his coat from her "blanket coat" all items I had made her - it is trimmed in that white mink I told you about before. Until the girls were about 7 or 8 I made almost everything they wore.

Santa's coat is made from the old rabbit fur coat my sister gave me.

and this final Santa - one of my favorites...

I hope you have enjoyed the tour, thanks so much for coming by - and seriously thank you for all the kind comments. Now you know my biggest secret - I'm a bit of a Christmas nut. I guess there are worse things I could go nutty over. If these pictures have warmed you a bit, inspired you to glitz things up a little, or helped put you in the spirit of the season I am honored. Merry Christmas my friends, go in peace and safety - love and joy. Better watch out, better not shout - you know who is watching...
We are nearing the end of our tour now, after today only one more room to go.
Mrs Froth kindly referred to our take on Christmas decorating as lush. I like that. I'll be using lush to describe it all from now on :) Thanks Froth!

So now, the dining room...

A close up of the chandelier...

The china cabinet in all its cluttered - I mean lush - splendor...

One end of the top of the china cabinet...

My deer collection gathered as a center piece...

There are a pair of windows on one side of the room, this is one - the other of course is nearly duplicated. I did all the window treatments in our home myself, back when I could still sit at the sewing machine for hours at a time.

This little chest is used to store gift bags - the ubiquitous ceramic tree was a gift from the hub's elderly aunt. She was a hoot and is missed.

This secretary is in the opposite corner from the small chest...

One nativity - a gift

and my Jim Shore nativity (also a gift). Generally for a couple years I'll choose something to collect, thus providing my family ideas for gifts - that is how I have ended up with at least 18 nativities of various sizes and styles, several hand made by the giver. As with most people, I love a hand made gift and the love it represents...

And tomorrow the final room...