I've started messing around with pinterest.  As with most things on-line, except blogging because my kids don't blog and they barely ever even comment on my blog, my kids were doing it first and I'm a little late to the party.  I've discovered I can pin my own corgi pictures to my own corgi board - so long as I've posted them on the blog.  Well, I have not posted all my favorite pictures of Gus and Fiona but they are all on the card for the digital frame that I keep next to the computer.  Soooo - here is a picture dump so I can post then snarf them off here to put on my pinterest board.  It is my goal to have one of my corgi pictures show up on some website somewhere  - you know, like lobster corgi or corgi in a swing.  I'm going to be taking lots more pictures to see if I can get one that the world falls in love with, or at least someone out there in the ether.  Probably means I need to come up with more costumes...  It's very exciting to get an email notice that someone I don't know has "repinned" one of my guys to their own boards.

So if you've already seen any of these I apologize for repeating myself - 

 Baby Gus - so sweet, makes me want another baby (puppy -not human God forbid)

 A boy and his first puppy.

Sweet baby Fiona takes a nap.

 Gus watching over his new puppy.

 My favorite garden pests.

 Snuggling on the spidey chair.

 These are ALL my toys!

I hate this thing Mom.

 Sharing the comfy chair.

 Just chillin in the garden.

 : )

 We are super models.

 Wishing for more cookies in the wishing well.  (the well is all filled in, they are perfectly safe)

Fiona loves music.
The season shows signs of changing here - it's still hot, over 90 degrees today - but the leaves are beginning to change and even a few begin to drop and the driveway is covered in acorns.  Things are changing.

What never ever changes?  Corgis always want to play frisbee.  At least mine do.  Didn't have shoes on so I stood on the deck and threw the magic disc for them a bit this afternoon.

Waiting with anticipation....

Who can resist a corgi smile?

Run run run...

Gus always drops the frisbee at the base of the stairs - But Fiona will grab it from the ground and carry it up for me.

She is very very fast...

But then Gus finds something gloriously smelly in the grass...

Dead worm?

Or rabbit poo?