Things are busy.  Too busy to post.  I'm still lurking about the edges of all your blogs - even when I don't comment, but there is just too much to do right now to post and the world conditions are either too depressing or changing too fast to comment on and all of you do a better job with that sort of thing than I do anyway...

So here is my take on a random list of things going on in the world, my life, and to come in the near future.  To be read as excuses for not blogging...

1) Closing in on the end of the school year for the boy.  This means testing, wrapping up various areas of study, cramming in a few new areas of study, trying to get him to write a decent sample to use when we take him in a month or two to register for high school.  Erg.

2) The boy is now rowing crew - I don't think I've shared that with any of you.  This means he now has practice at least four days a week (sometimes five) and the occasional regatta.  The regatta this past weekend was a soggy, electricity filled disappointment.  The coach decided after three heats (in which all three of our participating boats qualified for the final) - after sending three more boats (one containing my son who is terrified of thunderstorms) about 3K down the lake for the next race only to have all the boats have to beat it all the way back as fast as possible due to frequent close lightening, after waiting another two hours for the storm to stop (which it didn't) - that we needed to pack up and head home before the whole team succumbed to hypothermia.  Good call on his part...

When corgis, who have a dense undercoat and nearly waterproof outer coat, are wet and cold - it is indeed weather not fit for man nor beast.

3) Rosalie has continued to have a slight limp since her surgery 15-16 months ago so last week we loaded up and went back down the mountain to her vet.  X-rays show that her front hoof degenerative  bone disease has not gotten any worse - thank God.  Therefore the problem is now in her hocks (the backward elbows of the hind legs) - basically the wearing away of cartilage that happens in athletes human and animal.  Steroidal joint injections and a stronger anti-inflammatory are now the rule of the day.  We shall see, but the vet is hopeful that Rose will be able to return to the show ring soon :)

4) I stand with Israel

5) I've been working out a lot - except for the last few days after the race.  Old lady bones cold and wet are not in a hurry to get back on the elliptical.

6) What happened to the spring weather?  Things were going so well.

7)  The nephew helped me get two whole dump truck loads of mulch spread.  The yard looks pretty good right now.  In four weeks or less it will be a mess again so I stop in the drive and just look at it all every time I come home... for now.  The view will have to carry me through the summer.

8) Hey Nancy Pelosi - I thought you would call the Arabs and tell them to drop the price of oil!  At least that is what you said you'd do back when Bush was president and the price of gas went through the roof.

9)  Hey Bambam - President Blueberry - Big 0... How the hell does one stop a humanitarian disaster without removing the source of the disaster?  If all we are doing is protecting the civilian population from Q'Daffi Duck - does that mean we are going to be there until he dies of natural causes?  Because I'm here to tell you, the minute we leave, if he or his offspring are still alive, they will wipe out every single person they think was involved in the uprising.

10) I've told a few of you my niece was studying abroad in Japan when the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters struck.  She is home now - well back at school in Michigan anyway.  All the students were forced to leave Japan.  She was pretty angry about being forced to leave but the fact is, the Japanese have enough to deal with right now.  They don't need a bunch of spoiled American college kids with litigious minded parents to worry with right now.

11) I still stand with Israel.

12) Working on the logistics for a large future event is taking much time and energy - details on cryptic comment will come in about a month...

God bless this man and his family - God grant me courage like his...

He has been assassinated for standing up for God and his people.

Read the story HERE...