The season shows signs of changing here - it's still hot, over 90 degrees today - but the leaves are beginning to change and even a few begin to drop and the driveway is covered in acorns.  Things are changing.

What never ever changes?  Corgis always want to play frisbee.  At least mine do.  Didn't have shoes on so I stood on the deck and threw the magic disc for them a bit this afternoon.

Waiting with anticipation....

Who can resist a corgi smile?

Run run run...

Gus always drops the frisbee at the base of the stairs - But Fiona will grab it from the ground and carry it up for me.

She is very very fast...

But then Gus finds something gloriously smelly in the grass...

Dead worm?

Or rabbit poo?

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  1. wRitErsbLock Says:

    all I can say is, "thank God humans are not predisposed to roll in smelly stuff!"

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    Doggy life is good life!

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