I've started messing around with pinterest.  As with most things on-line, except blogging because my kids don't blog and they barely ever even comment on my blog, my kids were doing it first and I'm a little late to the party.  I've discovered I can pin my own corgi pictures to my own corgi board - so long as I've posted them on the blog.  Well, I have not posted all my favorite pictures of Gus and Fiona but they are all on the card for the digital frame that I keep next to the computer.  Soooo - here is a picture dump so I can post then snarf them off here to put on my pinterest board.  It is my goal to have one of my corgi pictures show up on some website somewhere  - you know, like lobster corgi or corgi in a swing.  I'm going to be taking lots more pictures to see if I can get one that the world falls in love with, or at least someone out there in the ether.  Probably means I need to come up with more costumes...  It's very exciting to get an email notice that someone I don't know has "repinned" one of my guys to their own boards.

So if you've already seen any of these I apologize for repeating myself - 

 Baby Gus - so sweet, makes me want another baby (puppy -not human God forbid)

 A boy and his first puppy.

Sweet baby Fiona takes a nap.

 Gus watching over his new puppy.

 My favorite garden pests.

 Snuggling on the spidey chair.

 These are ALL my toys!

I hate this thing Mom.

 Sharing the comfy chair.

 Just chillin in the garden.

 : )

 We are super models.

 Wishing for more cookies in the wishing well.  (the well is all filled in, they are perfectly safe)

Fiona loves music.
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    This is my corgi board if you want a corgi sugar coma

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