Continuing along with both the last post of the second full day in India (still in Delhi) and figuring out how to use this new WP blog site - after the Art Museum we headed to one more site of old - 1450 to 1530 ish - muslim ruins.  Again the area is preserved as a park, a calm and quiet green space in the midst of a bustling city full of people.  I was impressed with the number of parks the Indians have set aside in such a large, populace city.  This park is called the Lodi Gardens and contains several beautiful old tombs and mosques surrounded by grassy lawns, flower gardens, shady paths, and lots of birds.  There isn't really a lot to say about this garden - the pictures can do most of the talking.

 Loved looking up into the domes.

There were families and groups of friends sharing picnics, walking the beautiful paths, enjoying the cool within the old monuments

The buildings were as interesting inside as they were outside.

Loved the interaction between the arches and angles.  If this is what they look like five hundred years later, they must have been breathtaking when they were still in use.

Loads of beautiful flowers lined the walkways, framed the buildings and spread as gardens in front of some of the tombs.

There was a small bonsai garden set aside near the entrance to the park - bonsai fascinates me.

So, by the end of this second day, as we ride back to our hotel to prepare for another yummy Indian dinner - the boy finally hit the end of his rope. This young man almost never falls asleep while riding, he is and always has been one of those kids who fights sleep as long as possible. Always afraid he will miss something.  At this point the thirty minutes of sleep claimed him.

For the record - I am still struggling with Wordpress so what I have done with this post is compose it at Blogger, then hopefully transfer it to the WP address.  I am having a devil of a time working my pictures into the posts the way I want at WP.  
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